Personalized Dosing System (SPD)

In our pharmacy we offer the SPD (Personalized Dosing System) service for all those people who have difficulties taking their medication correctly. Whether it is for elderly people who have trouble knowing or remembering well to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor, as well as to facilitate the day-to-day life of caregivers or families with dependent or polymedicated people, the SPD service can be an important help to avoid errors in the taking of medication, ensure its correct use and improve treatment compliance.

In all these cases, the pharmacy prepares the medication of each patient in a weekly blister, which is clearly divided for each of the seven days of the week in four different spaces for each of the different doses of the day (breakfast , lunch, dinner and before going to sleep). In this way the patient should only take care to take what corresponds to each moment of the day, or the caregiver administer, without having to worry about anything else.